beautiful acoustic solutions
with the Invisible seamless
Acoustic Plaster

Our Acoustic Plaster System

The Invisible Acoustic Plaster is a high-quality plastering system that absorbs unwanted noise in a wide range of environments. As an acoustic plaster solution spray applied to walls and ceilings, its highly absorbent qualities allow for optimum acoustic control in large, commercial spaces.

The Invisible Acoustic Plaster System can be applied on virtually any surface including straight and curved walls, dramatic angles and arching domes offering a more flexible, discreet alternative to traditional acoustic solutions, such as suspended ceilings.

Bringing together high-value aesthetics and acoustic performance, the Invisible Acoustic Plaster system is well-suited to a wide-range of developments, from historic buildings to high-end residential, commercial, retail and educational spaces.

By absorbing sound waves, the Invisible sound-absorbing plaster system reduces reverberation time, providing the highest level of sound-absorption. In addition, the installation process is quick and easy to install and it does not contain any synthetic materials.

  • Innovative materials Our acoustic plaster is made from natural but inorganic ingredients. With the acoustic plaster being inorganic it is extremely resistant to UV exposure and changes in colour over time.
  • Indoor climate Microorganisms cannot grow in the acoustic plaster system. The system is odour free and highly resistant to humidity. The acoustic plaster is Cradle to Cradle Certified at the Silver level.
  • Can be applied everywhere With the acoustic plaster system being extremely flexible it can be installed on both ceilings and walls, dramatic angles and arching domes.


  • extra smooth An extra-smooth, fine grain super
    white finish. Sanded or
    trowelled to achieve a
    highly aesthetic acoustic
    Standard colour:
    Super white

    Light reflectance:
    Smooth extra
  • Smooth A smooth medium
    grain finish available in pure
    white to suit design
    Standard colour:
    Pure white

    Light reflectance:

Who we are

We are a Scandinavian company with more than 10 years of experience in developing, manufacturing and supplying the Invisible acoustic plaster system. We have a very innovative team who are very foresighted and we pride ourselves in the fact that we develop the best acoustic plaster on the market. All of our products are developed and tested at our Test Facility in Sweden and produced in Denmark to secure the best quality at all times. Our company has a background in installation and originally we were out installing the Invisible Acoustic Plaster in commercial spaces, private residences etc. As of the year 2013 we restructured our company and began focusing all of our energy on manufacturing and supplying our product. The fact that we have many years as an installation company gives us an advantage over the others - we know how our products works and we can support our clients in the best of ways.
We supply our acoustic plaster spray system to a variety of companies all over the World – companies that are demanding unrivaled solutions and high-quality aesthetics that don't comprise on finishes. We are working closely with our distributors on every aspect of a project – from development to finishing, we are extremely supportive - securing the best results at all times. As we are constantly looking to expand our market position please feel free to contact us if you are looking at bringing the Invisible Acoustic Plaster systems to your region.

Selected Projects